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Our Future Launch

ETCO Textiles Pvt. Ltd. will cover the areas of Home & Technical Textiles & will operate out of 5 Star Industrial Estate M.I.D.C., Kolhapur, where it has 120000 sq. Mtrs. at its disposal.

The Indian textile industry plays an important role in Indian economy in terms of significant contribution to industrial production, exports and employment. The industry has high growth potential given its inherent strengths such as abundant raw materials, low labour cost and a thriving domestic and global market. India has several advantages in the textile sector, including abundant availability of raw material and labour. Being the second largest player in the world cotton trade, India has the largest cotton acreage (about nine million hectares) and is the third largest producer of cotton fibre in the world.

The structure of the Indian textile industry is characterized by presence of large scale organized mill sector along with decentralized and fragmented small scale industry. India has the largest installation of power looms in the world, for shuttleless looms. ETCO Textiles has all of the above to its advantage besides its experience in textiles field.


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