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ETCO Digital –

Existing Products & Services can be divided into 3 main areas of operations. Under each of these sections there are a number of products working accurately, as is absolutely necessary in the field of high security.


    • Electronic Cash Register
    • Point of Sale Terminal
    • Digital Video Recorder & CCTV
    • Remote Digital Surveillance solution
    • Biometric Access Control
    • Access Control Electronic Locks


    • Perimeter Security Solutions
    • Prison Security Solutions
    • City Surveillance Solutions
    • Airport Security Surveillance Solutions
    • Car CCTV Monitoring in Public Vehicles
    • Electronic Detection of Arms, Drugs and Contraband
    • Fire Alarm & Burglar Alarm


    • Currency Handling Devices
    • Cash Counting Machines
    • Loose Note Counting Machines
    • Fake Note Detectors
    • 2 Pocket Currency Sorting Machines
    • Multi Pocket Currency Sorting Machines
    • ATMs
    • ATM Surveillance Solutions
    • Digital Video Recorder & CCTV
    • I P Based Remote Surveillance Solutions


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