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ETCO Denim

ETCO Denim Pvt. Ltd., is part of ETCO Groups forward integration programme to its’ current manufacturing activity of weaving 6’s to 10’s coarse slub yarns. A lot of research has gone into the project, so that the product will be world class.

The ambitious ETCO Denim Plant is a Rs 339.96 Crores project. Denim is a woven fabric & woven fabrics account for two thirds of world’s fabric production.

Vertically integrated facility of ETCO Group for manufacture of denim fabric, it has annual capacity of 50 million metres, with a spindle capacity of rotor 480x4= 1920.

The challenge is in Product Development and Innovation and Fashion Designing. India is one of the major producers of denim fabrics and denim garments in the world. India is also one of the best integrated textile players, having a large number of composite mills (from spinning to weaving to garment manufacturing). India ranks among the top ten denim manufactures of world & ETCO Denim is a part of this heritage. Etco Denim provides direct employment to about 1075 persons, and it also generates substantial indirect employment which is normally associated with a project of such nature. Gainful employment is also provided to people in the nearby villages. India is world’s second largest cotton producer and cotton is the starting base for denim production. Currently India produces more cotton than its consumption & thus there is no shortage of raw material. India has a competitive advantage for denim by way of Cotton, Modern Technology, Efficient Manufacturing, Intelligent Manpower and Management.

ETCO - Ecology

ETCO Group’s Green Initiative will reduce Carbon & Water Foot Prints by its installed Water Effluent Treatment Plants & the water thus rendered useful will be diverted to water the plants & garden. We’ll do our bit for the world environment.

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